New OMNITRAC Mixed Service Truck Tyre Range from Goodyear

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Greater robustness & longer service life plus accidental damage  and retreading guarantee

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Goodyear is launching a brand new mixed service truck tyre range offering optimal damage resistance and longer service life than previous Goodyear mixed service tyres plus an accidental damage and retreading guarantee.  The new OMNITRAC range features new DuraShield technology and combines excellent robustness with enhanced performance and retreadability. 

The new tyres have been developed for vehicles operating in today’s mixed service applications where they face the difficult conditions of unpaved sites but predominantly operate on roads.  These include tippers, cement mixers, concrete pumps and low loaders operating in construction as well as trucks in waste, recycling, timber and agricultural industries.

The new OMNITRAC range comprises 10 sizes (six OMNITRAC S steer tyres and four OMNITRAC D drive tyres), including one new to the mixed service industry. This 315/70R22.5 size covers the growing trend for the use of standard tractors in this market sector.

DuraShield is a new Goodyear technology featuring an exclusive top belt for extra resistance to casing damage which also improves retreadability.  The new OMNITRAC range offers improved service life1 and full 3PMSF compliance to meet ever tougher winter tyre requirements. 

A further feature of the tyres is the integration of radio frequency identification (RFID) allowing simple identification and connectivity to tyre management and tracking systems. The Goodyear OMNITRAC guarantee[1] gives fleets extra peace of mind covering accidental impact damage that renders a registered tyre unrepairable and unusable.  It also guarantees the additional 100% casing acceptance guarantee[2].

“Today’s mixed service fleet operators are demanding tyres that offer both versatile on-road capability and greater resistance to the conditions encountered both on- and off-road,” said Benjamin Willot, Director Marketing Commercial Tires Europe at Goodyear.  “Our new OMNITRAC tyres are a further development of our previous range and now feature DuraShield technology to make them even tougher and offer greater service life.  We are so confident of the robustness of these tyres that we are guaranteeing them against accidental damage.

The OMNITRAC S steer axle tyre is designed to cope with the specific conditions encountered in modern construction industry and similar applications where a high proportion of highway use is experienced in addition to off-road use on sites.  Good on-road wear performance plus significantly high levels of resistance to tread damage and excellent retreadability thanks to the innovative DuraShield technology are the benefits this tyre offers.

The new OMNITRAC D drive axle tyre features a tread with three rows of directional siped blocks, which optimise performance on highways and in winter.  The OMNITRAC D provides good on-road wear performance, excellent traction on all surfaces throughout its life, longer service life and guaranteed retreadability.  Thanks to DuraShield technology, casing durability and resistance to tread damage are significantly enhanced with a high level of chip/chunk resistance under torque including that from retarder operation. 

Trailer tyres
Goodyear OMNITRAC MST II 385/65R22.5 and 445/65R22.5 trailer tyres complement the new OMNITRAC S and D tyres offering high mileage and enhanced grip for on- and off-road applications.  These tyres feature a wide tread and offer even wear and high mileage potential combined with excellent damage resistance and high stability. 

The OMNITRAC range and TreadMax mould cure retread versions will be available from early December 2018.

Goodyear Proactive Solutions
To get the best performance from any tyres, particularly in mixed-service, correct maintenance is of paramount importance.  Goodyear recommends fleets to combine the use of high quality tyres with the right service and solutions. For mixed-service applications, Goodyear Proactive Solutions is particularly of great benefit.

Goodyear Proactive Solutions is a full suite of data-based solutions, featuring advanced telematics and patented predictive analytics technology, able to provide commercial fleets with precise, real-time monitoring of tyres.

In particular, Goodyear TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) enables OMNITRAC tyre performance to be optimised even further to assure greater piece of mind for fleets – especially in remote locations.  Thanks to advanced telematics and Goodyear’s unique algorithm, Goodyear Proactive Solutions can constantly monitor the tyres and give instant warnings if tyre pressure or temperature fails to meet acceptable parameters.

[1] Detailed conditions of the accidental damage guarantee are defined in the Terms and Conditions of the “OMNITRAC Guarantee” campaign published at

[2] Detailed conditions of the additional 100% casing acceptance guarantee are defined in the Terms and Conditions of the “OMNITRAC Guarantee” campaign published at portal. The additional 100% casing acceptance guarantee is available only in countries where Goodyear offers the “Customers Own Casing” model for retreaded tires.

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