Luxembourg based company INTECH launches innovative blockchain based on-line service “EDDITS” for associating strong digital identities with Ethereum addresses, in partnership with LuxTrust

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INTECH S.A., a leading IT Engineering company, launches today, in partnership with LuxTrust S.A., European qualified Trust Services Provider, an innovative on?line service to associate a strong digital identity to an address in Ethereum blockchain.

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12/04/2018 | Partenariat
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This new service, a world’s first in the blockchain industry, is meant to provide blockchain users and applications’
providers a strong & trusted confirmation of the owner of an Ethereum address. Named “EDDITS”, “Ethereum Decentralized Digital Identity Trust Services”, the service is first launched in collaboration with INFRACHAIN, the community?driven governance environment for operational Blockchain instances.

In growing number of blockchain applications, identity verification has always been a challenge. Reconciliation between blockchain address and official & formally?trusted identity without any additional trusted third?party still remains an issue. EDDITS finally brings the solution. By linking an EU?certified eIDAS?compliant digital identity to an Ethereum ERC?725 identity, EDDITS opens a new era of trust in all blockchain applications and transactions, and shall provide the much?needed identity confirmation now required in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). In short, EDDITS positions Ethereum as an open trusted identity provider.

EDDITS exploits new standards in Ethereum blockchain technology, in particular ERC?725 and ERC?735. These new standards define commonly accepted identity and claim models which InTech’s EDDITS on?line service exploits. Through accessing EDDITS, any user can link his/her LuxTrust strong identity to his/her blockchain identity, and any Ethereum service provider can then verify such identity through a claim. Applied to INFRACHAIN, EDDITS provides an additional level of trust that sustains the ground objectives of INFRACHAIN, i.e. providing a trusted & well?governed open blockchain infrastructure to any users, service?providers and ICOs.

“Our goal is to leverage the capabilities offered by blockchain technology to provide efficient identity?based decentralized services. EDDITS is the ground?breaking on?line solution that finally uniquely bridges highly regulated eIDAS digital identities and blockchain identities. New regulations and best practices very recently applied to ICOs are expected to boost the demand for EDDITS identity services. EDDITS confirms the leading role of InTech in blockchain innovation, and the forward looking vision of LuxTrust as a qualified trust services provider”, said Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO of InTech.

“We are pleased to partner with InTech for launching its EDDITS on?line service. Trust in identity is the foundation of any digital service. With EDDITS, LuxTrust expands the reach of the strong digital identities it creates & manages, to the blockchain world. As we can perform a face?to?face equivalent identification of anybody, anywhere, anytime for issuing an EU?qualified certificate, LuxTrust ideally complements EDDITS. Our association with EDDITS confirms the forward?looking vision and innovative mindset of LUXTRUST. We want to build on new technologies such as blockchain, for further leveraging our security, compliance, EU?certified services, to further enable a digital world”, said Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LUXTRUST.

“EDDITS perfectly fits with the objectives of INFRACHAIN, the governance?driven blockchain network initiated last year by the Luxembourg government and by major industrial players. Our goal is to stimulate adoption and development of blockchain applications, by providing fully?trusted blockchain infrastructure environments. EDDITS brings a key building block to that goal, and further underlines the collective value that a structured and innovative blockchain ecosystem can bring.”, says Marco Houwen, Project Lead of INFRACHAIN.

EDDITS is already available. It can be tested on Kovan network and is accessible on EDDITS will be deployed on demand on any Infrachain instance.

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