Arval opens a new subsidiary in Norway, a country at the forefront of carbon-neutral mobility

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Arval, a leading multi-brand provider of full service car leasing solutions, launches its Norwegian subsidiary in the Oslo area

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28/09/2017 | Inauguration
  • Arval

As of November 2017, Arval services and innovations will be available on the Norwegian market under high-quality standards already applied to more than one million vehicles leased all around the world. Arval Norway will be the company’s spearhead for carbon-neutral mobility, and the final step towards its full presence in the Nordics. Both local and international clients will have access to boundless company cars long term rental experience all over the Region.                                                                                                     

2,000 vehicles managed in Norway by 2020
Arval’s ambitions for its new Norwegian subsidiary are high: to provide its clients with Long Term Rental (LTR) all over the Nordics, with the very same range of services and innovations. Arval thus aims at managing more than 2,000 vehicles in Norway by 2020.

Arval Norway’s market approach will be equivalent to all other subsidiaries: its Account Teams, dedicated teams of experts serving by Arval clients’ side as their own “mini Long Term Rental companies”, capable of handling any mobility-related activity (guiding employees with their vehicle choice, car delivery, service, maintenance, tyres, etc.), in a caring and personalized relationship.

Norway at the fore-front of carbon-neutral mobility
Norway will be Arval spearhead for carbon-neutral fleet car mixes and related services.

Arval is to strengthen its presence throughout Nordics both for immediate client needs and coming developments of carbon-neutral solutions and services”, states Philippe Bismut, CEO of Arval. “In this respect, Arval Norway will be a key asset”.

Notably, Arval will rent and manage corporate fleets increasingly relying on hybrid and electric vehicles (EV), as Norway is already a major EV market and plans to ban petrol-powered cars in 2025. Thus, Arval will gather massive technical data (consumption, maintenance, etc.) and user feedbacks to enhance its own ability to respond to emerging needs of carbon-neutral fleets all over the world.

Reducing one fleet’s environmental footprint has reached an unprecedented level of importance”, concludes Philippe Bismut. “We will build on Norway’s pioneering business environment to keep innovating and address our clients’ will to go greener in the future”.

A full start as early as November 2017
That’s why all Arval’s fleet-oriented services will be available to businesses in Norway:

  • Arval Active Link: Arval telematics based solution, thanks to user-friendly car data collection and use, both lowers fleet costs and improves collaborators’ mobility and security. Norwegian companies will use their vehicles at their very best and have data to help their drivers improve their driving behaviour.
  • Arval Outsourcing Solutions: Norwegian companies may be freed from fleet management, which is a non-core and time-consuming activity to so many. Arval’s dedicated team will be present in Norway to allow local companies to focus on their core activities and achieve economies of scale.
  • Under Norwegian companies’ audited mobility needs, innovative new mobility solutions such as car-sharing will be available to them. These are new ways of reducing one’s fleet costs and limiting environmental footprint.
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