Goodyear ‘A’ Grade Low Rolling Resistance Truck Tires at IAA

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New prototype tires on fuel efficient DAF truck

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30/09/2016 |

Goodyear SUPER FUELMAX prototype truck tires will be unveiled at the 2016 IAA commercial vehicle show in Hanover this September.  The prototype steer and drive tires, which boast fuel saving ‘A’ EU label grades, will be fitted to one of the trucks on display at the DAF stand, which all stand out in highest fuel efficiency.

The Goodyear prototype truck tires displayed are the SUPER FUELMAX S steer tire in size 385/55R22.5 and SUPER FUELMAX D drive tire in size 315/70R22.5, and are a further development of the very successful low rolling resistance Goodyear FUELMAX range.  At the IAA, these tires will be mounted on a fuel efficiency optimized DAF XF 4x2 tractor unit.  In addition to their outstanding rolling resistance with A EU tire label grades, the drive tire qualify for the 3 Peak Mountain and Snow Flake (3PMSF) winter tire certification.  The super fuel efficient prototype tires demonstrate Goodyear’s commitment to developing innovative products that reduce Total Cost of Ownership for fleets thanks to low fuel consumption – a key cost factor for fleet operators.

 “The new Goodyear SUPER FUELMAX prototype tires illustrate our commitment to innovative transport solutions”, said Benjamin Willot, Director Marketing Commercial Tires at Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa.  “The EU tire label covers just three performance criteria but before we bring any new product to market it must meet our stringent requirements covering 50 different performance criteria.  The SUPER FUELMAX ‘A’ grade rolling resistance tires demonstrate our commitment to develop advanced fuel saving truck tires for our customers with a balanced performance in the other important criteria.”

Both the steer and the drive tires’ tread compounds feature a specifically developed new formulation based on silica. Thanks to a combination of material processing and curing, the silica blends with the polymer network in a way that further reduces rolling resistance while ensuring long tread life.

The tread design of the SUPER FUELMAX S steer tire features the tried and trusted IntelliMax Groove Technology.  This limits slip, especially when cornering, thanks to hidden raindrop grooves, which close when rolling through the footprint.  The ribs support each other reducing their movement and stiffening the tread.

The tread blocks of the SUPER FUELMAX D drive tire have been re-designed and the stiffness of the blocks has been improved.  Combined with the low rolling resistance tread compound, the overall tire design results in a noticeably improved fuel efficiency compared to current FUELMAX D.  Re-engineering has further decreased rolling resistance, while offering a balanced performance in other important criteria areas.  IntelliMax Rib Technology has been introduced between the central and intermediate ribs to stiffen the tread for low rolling resistance, high mileage and regular wear, thanks to the inter-locking elements.

Goodyear was the first tire manufacturer to bring a truck tire to market that met the A grade rolling resistance requirements of the EU Tire Label.  This was the 385/55R22.5 LHT II trailer tire.  Goodyear currently offers the Goodyear FUELMAX T in size 385/55R22.5 and 435/50R19.5, which is an A grade fuel efficient truck trailer tire.  Together with the SUPER FUELMAX steer and drive prototype tires, Goodyear customers could benefit from a combination of A grade EU tire label tires in rolling resistance on steer, drive and trailer positions.

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