IEE and Kinematix collaborate on a new wearable to help runners run smarter


IEE, the global leader in sensing technologies, and Kinematix, a leader in measuring human movement, have collaborated on a new wearable technology to help runners run smarter.

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15/07/2015 | Partenariat
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The new wearable device, TUNE, is simple and easy-to-use, and goes beyond measuring basic statistics, such as pace or speed.  TUNE also measures each foot’s ground-contact and heel-contact times – the only wearable on the market to measure this in-shoe for both feet at the same time. With these parameters, a runner can get an important assessment of their technique during a run. Then TUNE uses this assessment to develop an individualized exercise plan based on their personal profile and the evolving patterns detected during runs and training.

Kinematix CEO Paulo Ferreira dos Santos says that TUNE is an exciting step forward in the area of wearable devices. 

“Until now, only elite runners have had access to the type of data available through TUNE,” he says. “Now, recreational runners at all levels can monitor their movements during a run, obtain an analysis of the evolution of their running technique, and make use of customized exercise plans designed to help them improve. The TUNE app even shows them how to do the exercises.”

For the past seven years, Kinematix and IEE have been working together to develop the most sophisticated wearable sensor technology and the unique features of TUNE are one of the outcomes of this collaboration.

"Since we started working together in 2008, we found that there is a lot of complementarity between the innovative sensors from IEE and the Kinematix applications,” says Mr. Ferreira dos Santos. “The combination of our knowledge and skills will allow us to bring the differentiated and winning approach to customer needs that is necessary in high-growth markets like wearables or internet-of things. Over the past seven years we have cemented a strong and passionate working relationship and TUNE is the first result of our recently formalized co-operation agreement.”

Kinematix has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to manufacture TUNE. This Kickstarter campaign runs until Thursday, 13th August 2015 and people around the world who are interested in participating in the TUNE development at the ground level, can log in and pledge funding.

Michel Witte, IEE’s President and CEO, says that his company is proud to be a part of such an innovative project.

“When IEE began more than 25 years ago, we ourselves were a small start-up with a good idea and a few people,” he says. “Being part of the TUNE project is, in a way, taking us back to our roots. Kinematix and IEE saw a need and have developed a revolutionary product that will change the way we all run. It’s an exciting place to be and fits well with our diversification strategy.

“But not only is the product itself innovative, it has also been launched via Kickstarter – a new and ingenious way to fund creative projects. And I, for one, am confident that we will be successful.”

Mr. Ferreira dos Santos predicts that TUNE will revolutionize running.

“It is the first real novel approach in years to help runners improve their technique,” he says. “Stay tuned for what Kinematix and IEE can do together!"

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