Thanks to e-learning, CODIPRO (ALIPA Group) is innovating in the reinforcement of the competences of its global distribution network à l’e-learning.


These last 10 years, the Luxembourg specialist of high-quality swivel lifting rings has built an indirect global distribution network

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In order to efficiently sell these niche products to CODIPRO’s end customers, its trainers travel to 300 distributors with their basic and advanced courses, which are continuously being refined.

As the travelling is costly and the information communicated to the potential customer cannot be managed by CODIPRO when a face-to-face training session cannot be organised due to the unavailability of field outreach teams, the company has implemented an e-learning platform to complete its training offer. 

Since January, this ergonomic tool, accessible via login and password on its website, has already been approved by several dozens of trainees in Europe and South America. Made up of 3 modules (and 3 quizzes) developed alongside the e-learning department of Technofutur, its contents are distributed evenly between videos, 3D animations, photos and illustrations in order to best capture and retain attention, with CODIPRO ensuring a regular debriefing of each training program and the adequate follow-up. 

Currently in English, the French, Spanish and German versions, at least, will follow by April. A second e-learning training program with advanced contents is already envisaged.

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