POST Luxembourg connects Walferdange to its fibre optic network

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POST Luxembourg connects the commune of Walferdange into its new 'Total Fibre Optic' network.

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20/06/2014 | Inauguration
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In the presence of numerous guests, Messrs Guy Arendt, Mayor of Walferdange and Gaston Bohnenberger, Manager of POST Technologies, proceeded to unveil the new 'Total Fibre Optic' infrastructure in Walferdange on 20 June 2014.

300 km of cables were laid and 1,996 buildings were connected to the POST Luxembourg network thanks to construction works which begun in September 2011 and completed in May 2014. In total, around fifty people were involved in deploying the fibre throughout Walferdange.

POST Luxembourg added more than 10,000 residential buildings to its fibre optic network in 2013. Towards the end of the year, POST Luxembourg was able to provide 95% of homes with a connection speed of 30 Mbit/s - 80% were powered at 100 Mbit/s and 36% at a full 1 Gbit/s. POST Luxembourg is currently deploying its new fibre optic network in a number of localities across the country, meaning that within a few months several other areas will also be reaping the full benefits of 'Total Fibre Optic' coverage.

This means the company is on target to meet government plans to introduce 100% network coverage of 100 Mbit/s and 50% at 1 Gbit/s by the end of 2015. By the end of this year, Luxembourg will be in the vanguard of countries providing ultra high-speed network coverage.

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